I am a Brooklyn born native. My parents being from the Grenada in the Caribbean. When my mother wasn't able to cross the border after 9/11 due to being A immigrant for 10 years I was alone 10 years until I was able to meet with my mom months later. trying to figure out and maneuver the JNGL. , we moved to Canada. In New York I went to school in Manhattan lived in Brooklyn experiencing Both cities or concrete JNGL gaining a wider perception of life different animals different people all coinciding in one. In Toronto I went to school there for a bit and then travelled Toronto to Brampton yet again experiencing totally different feels dialects but yet still that JNGL  of animals big small different colours all have there own purpose coinciding in one. Thru my journeys and moving so much being on my own at 16 joining the military at 17 trying to create a life in the JNGL can be hard for those left behind or thru circumstances talents get unnoticed. JNGL is about finding those talents diamond in the ruff and with skill create your own paradise within the JNGL. When I think about the Caribbean I think of paradise but I also think of those who don't get to experience it. JNGL is a movement to inherit it back thru God given Talents. The island aspect is important in JNGL with bringing all the genres together Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Reggae ton, Afro-pop as well as the concrete JNGL aspects Hip-hop, R&B- Soul, Freestyle as well as dance. Creating a home that those on water or those on land can experience Beauty of the JNGL. 

The U and E was taken from THE JUNGLE. We are not buying back vowels. But through Skill and Natural Talent inheriting it back. Jngl is a way of life in the inner city or on the islands. Creating Paradise around you with RAW talent.

Bringing Music, Fashion and Entertainment.